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These 4 Things Show How Much Your Cat Loves You

cats - Pet Wants Canton
  • 25 July 2017
  • Pet Wants

Cats are known for having very independent personalities. But cats generally feel a lot of affection towards their owners. A big difference between dogs and cats is how they express this affection. Since the way cats communicate can be subtle and often more challenging to detect, we want to highlight four different ways your cat may be saying “I love you.”

1. Showing Belly

The belly is the most vulnerable area of a cat’s entire body. If your cat rolls over and keeps its belly exposed, it’s a clear sign your pet feels completely at ease with you. The reason we put this first on the list is it’s the perfect example of how different dogs and cats can be very different with the way they communicate. When a dog rolls over and shows its stomach, it’s almost a sign of wanting a tummy rub. But with cats, they generally just want to show their affection and trust without expecting any rubbing in return. This is why so many feline tummy rubs are met with scratches.

2. Head Butting and Cheek Rubbing

Head butts are the cat equivalent of hugging. Cats like headbutting and cheek rubbing because these are ways to establish a bond by mixing scents.

3. Slow Blinking

Not only do cats have really wonderful eyes, but they use them to communicate. An example of this is slow blinking. When your cat is feeling great about being with you, it may share this information by looking over at you, slowly closing its eyes and then reopening them. What’s even cooler is you can return these positive feelings by giving your cat a slow blink.

4. Coming Near You

Cats don’t feel pressured to be “polite” around humans. So if a cat is uncomfortable with someone for any reason, they will simply leave the room. And while it’s normal for cats to enjoy time on their own exploring, resting, or playing, a subtle but still significant sign of your cat’s affection for you is wanting to spend time near you. Even if your cat isn’t directly engaging with you, spending time in the same room means it truly values your company.

By knowing and being able to identify these different types of affection, you’ll be able to get even more enjoyment out of your role as a cat parent. If you’re looking for great cat food or cat treats that you can feel good about feeding, Pet Wants is proud to offer excellent options that are made from real ingredients.